Page Content - Overview

The Page Content tab is used to create/edit/maintain any custom pages that you want to create for your site. These can contain most anything you want using basic html; from i-framing another site to hosting an embedded pdf, content pages can help to add in anything to your site/app that is not already an option within the Zerista platform.

Moderators with access to the backend of their Zerista event site can manually create as many custom content pages as they like. You can access the Page Content page by using the lefthand menu and clicking "Page Content". This will also always be https://(yoursitename) 

From the top menu you have the ability to "Add Page" or "Delete" pages. Reference this link to learn how to create a page! As you can see from the image below, this page lists your custom content pages, and allows you to click "Update" and "Preview" to edit or preview your custom content page. Clicking "Update" brings you to the editor page - more detail on editing and creating custom content pages are in the other links in this category. 


Create Custom Content Page

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