Posts - Social Media and Chatter Integration Overview

We have a number of different ways to integrate your social media presence on the Zerista platform:

Pull social media posts into Chatter:

  • Tweets from an @handle or from a hashtag can be pulled, automatically, into the Chatter section. Pull tweets from multiple hashtags and @handles at once (for step-by-step instruction on this process, click here).
  • Posts from Facebook or LinkedIn cannot be pulled in to our chatter section.
  • Posts pulled from Twitter will not necessarily link to the Zerista User profile. It will instead display the Twitter profile name and picture.

Post to social media platforms from Chatter:

  • Users can post from the Zerista platform out to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. They can like posts, add comments, or report inappropriate posts, which moderators can quickly remove.
  • Users receive emails and push-notifications if their post was liked or commented on. These notifications can be disabled globally, or by users, themselves.
  • Disable posts for each social media platform if they need to stay within Zerista.

Use a social media account to setup your Zerista profile:

  • To help speed up profile setup, attendees can import their profile information from Facebook or LinkedIn.


For instructions on disabling Posts and social media integration, click here.

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