Social Media and Chatter on Zerista Platform

We have a number of different ways to integration your social media presence on the Zerista platform.

  • Tweets from an @ handle or from a hashtag can automatically be pulled into the app and website's Chatter section. We can also pull tweets from multiple hashtags and multiple @ handles at once.
  • Posts from Facebook or LinkedIn cannot be pulled into our chatter section.
  • Posts with photos from Twitter will include the photo when pulled to the Zerista Chatter Section.
  • Posts pulled from Twitter will not necessarily link to the Zerista User profile. It will instead display the Twitter profile name and picture.
  • Users can post from the Zerista platform out to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • If you want to keep posts from going outside of the platform, we can disable the ability to post to one, two, or all of those social media platforms. If all are disabled this means all chatter will only be visible within the Zerista Platform. Ensuring these posts stay internal to your attendees.
  • Posts can be liked and have comments added to them.
  • We can notify users via email or push notification (similar to a text message) that someone has liked or commented on your post. These notifications can also be disabled on a global level, or by each individual.
  • To help speed up profile setup, you can also pull profile information from Facebook and LinkedIn (photo, position, company, etc.).
  • Posts can be reported by other attendees as inappropriate. The moderator can remove posts via our admin. There is no notification for reported posts, and we do not have any approval system to only show allowed posts.
  • The entire Chatter/Post option can be removed from the website and app if you wish.
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