Customizing App Icons

**This is a chargeable addon. Please reach out to you Zerista Account Manager or Project Manager for more information**


General Info
• Zerista Icons are on a 32x32 grid
• Artboards are scaled to 1024 for font purposes
• Each 32 unit square represents 1 px
• Perfect alignment isn’t necessary, as most of these are rendered on hi-res devices (phones.)
• Content Pages can only use a single icon

Client Instructions
1. Place or design all icons into the relevant 1024x1024 artboards
2. Make sure to hide the layer “Icon Examples”
3. Export all as SVG
4. Place SVG inside of a .zip
5. Send to Zerista

Zerista Instructions
1. Send Chris a redmine ticket w/ that SVG file asking him to make you a font
2. Once you get the ticket back with the .ttf file, download it
3. Go into Admin > Appearance > Fonts
4. Select Upload Font
5. Enter Font name (suggestion: Custom App Icons)
6. Browse and find the SVG file above
7. Check the Icon Font checkbox and hit save

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