Theme Guide

The theme menu allows for customization of colors and fonts on your Zerista platform.

To access this go to the Admin of your Zerista site > Appearance > Theme

Each field allows for you to select a color using a color palette popup or a Hex value Fields with the a monitor icon next to them apply to both the Website and App. Fields without the monitor icon apply to only the app

*Warning* Editing any of the font fields with incorrect formatting will break your site.

Please contact your Project Manager for help on fonts.


Here are the list of the most commonly edited fields, and what they do:

Primary Color: changes the icon and buttons on the main listing pages.
Background Color: changes the entire main background color of every page on the site.
Link Color: changes the names of all links on pages, for example every exhibiting company has a link to select
to take you to its profile.

Main Nav:
Background Color: changes the main menus color, the color surrounding the words such as attendees and agenda.
Labels Hover Background Color: changes the color of the main menu when hovered over, used when clicking
on attendees, agenda, speakers, and exhibitors.
Labels Active Background Color: changes the entire menu tab color. For example: when on the attendee page
the menu item that says attendee will be this color you selected.
Accent Bar Inactive: changes the bar underneath the menu items to a different color when the menu is not selected.

Background Color: changes the main background color on email templates which are found under engage > template.
These are what are sent to your attendees, exhibitors, speakers, and more.
Buttons Background Color: changes the color of accept invitation on your email templates.
Buttons Color: changes the color of the wording within the accept your invitation button on the email templates.

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